Twisted Image Body Piercing

We believe it to be a professional imperative to provide our clientele with the best possible service. We have twodifferent sterilizers in our shops. The large, more traditional unit is used for the first of two sterilization cycles. Once tools are properly processed and sterilized they are stored until ready for the second, final cycle.  Before each client is pierced all necessary tools are placed into the second autoclave, which is called a Statim Autoclave. This sterilization process does not require the use of pouches and allows your piercer to maintain “point of process” sterilization. It is important to note that needles and any soft supplies such as gauze are single use. After you have made your jewelry selection, a cassette with everything needed for your piercing is assembled and then placed within the Statim Autoclave. Once the sterilization cycle is complete, you will witness the opening of your cassette. Along with the piercing supplies, your cassette contains an individually numbered sterilization monitor strip. This strip lets you and your piercer know that the items to be used have been properly sterilized. Both autoclaves are tested monthly by an independent laboratory and each client cassette is processed with an indicator strip to show that sterilization has been achieved. All employees of Twisted Image are trained in universal  precautions to protect both themselves and their clientele.

Jewelry and placement options are selected to fit each persons’ individual anatomy. It is our great regret that many piercers lack either the experience or the training to assess people’s anatomy on an individual basis. This will often result in unattractive, virtually un-healable piercings. Starting the process with a bad or inappropriate placement can be a truly miserable experience.

We provide jewelry made from the purest, most well-manufactured materials available. Each material used has been painstakingly researched.

All piercer skills are technically advanced. All procedures are performed with great speed and accuracy using the most effective and efficient methods. Often the client doesn’t even realize that s/he has already received the piercing.

Jeffrey Covell

Professional Body Piercer

Jeff has been piercing for 15 years. He has had extensive ongoing training and licensed by the Florida Department of Health. Jeff recently attended the Association of Professional Piercers convention in Las Vegas (2018) as they are the finest association in this entire industry. We have provided the link for the APP website for your convenience. We pride ourselves in doing aseptic technique piercings and only using the finest internally threaded jewelry made from highly polished implant grade titanium on fresh piercings. Our shop, artists, and body piercers are licensed with the Saint Lucie County Health Department. Our piercing needles are new, sterile, only used one time and then responsibly disposed of. We use state of the art autoclaves for sterilizing all equipment and jewelry before touching you skin, every procedure every time. Everything that touches your skin has been run though a special unit called a Statim autoclave. You know it’s sterile every time you get piercing.

Our expert piercing team at Twisted Image Body Art Studios takes exceptional pride in their work and in accordance, offers you Quality, professionalism, and care. We pride ourselves in giving the best piercing in a laid back and trendy environment. We are friendly and we work well together so you can always count on us having your best interest in mind.

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